5 anti-fit styling ideas for men

5 anti-fit styling ideas for men

5 anti-fit styling ideas for men

Nov 17, 2022, 07:19 pm
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5 anti-fit styling ideas for men
The anti-fit silhouette-trend is set to be the most followed trend this decade.

Anti-fit vogue has taken the center-stage in the fashion world as a direct reaction to the neatly outlined, tight, and slim-fitted clothes, which have been ruling over for more than two decades now.

Hip-hop fashion, athleisure, and most importantly the lockdown-triggered comfortable work-from-home wear, all have contributed to pushing anti-fit fashion forward.

Follow these styling tips to ace the anti-fit look.

Anti-fit works for all body types; it is a versatile silhouette. You can team it with trucker caps, sneakers, and an overhung bracelet to elevate the effortlessly cool, comfy look.

Avoid a neatly trimmed beard, instead, keep it shaggy but clean to give yourself a de-structured look.

Allow yourself to be peppy and open to colors for this look.

When pairing anti-fit clothing, decide how much volume you want on your body.

For example, if you intend to go big in terms of volume on the top, ensure that the bottom is a relatively straighter fit, not skinny.

On the contrary, picking up a voluminous bottom can work well with a well-fitting knitted top or even a relaxed-fit, tapered top.

Wear it like an extension of your personality

Anything looks good if you are appropriately styled to complement your personality, especially anti-fit clothing.

If you are plus size, buy oversized jackets and shirts and style them with any of your outfits.

If you are short, avoid wearing an oversized outfit with another oversized item. Instead, pair loosely fit trousers and sneakers with a smart technical jacket to maintain the proportion.

Create a dark anti-fit look in a turtleneck paired with an oversized coat and a smart-looking pair of jeans.

Layer your turtlenecks with a casual or professional outfit, it looks suave either way.

Neutral tones like grey, white, ivory, and earthy tones are the best color choices for this look.

Wrap a scarf around your neck to complete the look.

Shawls are a great comfort wear

Drape a shawl over your shoulder from one side, keeping it half-hung yet covered.

Shawls are probably the best a man can get to ace the anti-fit look.

Shawls add that classy and elegant factor to your overall style.

Underneath, keep it sleek with a cotton shirt and pleated pants.

Stick to a neutral or earthy palette for a classy comfy look.

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