9 Top Tips for Reaching Your Daily Step Goal

9 Top Tips for Reaching Your Daily Step Goal

Hitting the daily step goal is a big part of most people’s Fitbit experience. The number is front and center when you look at the mobile app dashboard and it’s easily viewed on most devices, making it super easy to check your progress throughout the day. But coming up with a step goal and reaching it are two different things.

For most people, it takes effort to hit a step goal every day (if it feels pretty easy to you, consider increasing it!). Some days it just doesn’t happen — maybe you had to work through lunch so you didn’t get those extra 400 steps in, or the bus stopped right in front of you and it was just too tempting to hitch a ride instead of walking . In an effort to help Fitbit users squeeze in those steps no matter how hectic the day, we recently asked our community to share their top tips for hitting that all-important goal. Keep reading to discover how the Fitbit community makes sure they get their steps in every single day.

1. Make the walks entertaining

I won’t let myself watch my favorite TV shows unless I am on the treadmill.”— Elissa

“Jog in place while binge watching Netflix.”—Jill M.

I play video games while walking on the treadmill.”— AshleyRose1

”I found funny podcasts and audiobooks have helped a lot — they make walking ‘me time’ as well.”— Lissa B.

2. Embrace household chores as a way to get in steps

“Put the laundry basket on the other side of the room. I have to walk back to the basket to get more clothes to wash or fold.”— Gwen F.

“When taking a phone call, walk around. You don’t even notice you’re getting steps. While doing laundry I walk around the island during the folding process.”—Melissa S.

“If I have two items to take upstairs, I take two trips.”—Jen T.

3. Park further away

“Walk to a restaurant more than a block away for lunch or coffee. Don’t choose the closest Starbucks, go to the next one.”— Waynette C.

“I park as far from the front door of work as possible. Unless it’s snowing!” — Hailee L.

4. Use the bathroom on another floor

“I use the ladies room on the first floor at work all the while taking the long way around the building and down 3 flights of steps. It really adds up fast!”— Dawnie G.

“At work I go all the way around the floor to go to the bathroom, even though it’s just 30 to 40 steps away. Doing a full circle of the floor adds steps. Also, sometimes I go to another floor to use their bathroom to get some stairs in 🤣.”— Harleen K.

5. Break your steps up throughout the day

”Instead of committing to one large walk before my work day, I break it into three 25-minute walks–one after each meal. Doing shorter walks gives me less excuses 😁.”— Heather J.

“I try to take short breaks during work (morning, lunch, and evening) so that I can go on walks with my coworkers.”— Raisa T.

”My goal of 30,000 steps is met every day by walking before work, at lunch, and again in the evening. Breaking it to three workouts a day helps so much!” —Scarlett O.

6. Create your own long walks

“My class is a 10-minute walk from my building if I walk on campus, but instead, I take a route around campus to and from class, which is 40 minutes each way!”—Rachel T.

“My Mom and I go to the local mall and walk around inside. We do three to four miles!”—Carrie G.

7. Walk the dog

“I layer up and grab the pups! Michigan winters are so cold, but about five minutes in I’m warmed up! The brisk air is actually really refreshing.” —Shannon J.

“I take my dog ​​on an extra lap around the neighborhood every time he goes out to pee.” —Cherice H.

8. Take part in Fitbit challenges

“I have to give credit to one my Fitbit friends who organizes some wonderful challenges that make walking fun! I’ve doubled my steps thanks to the motivation and accountability.” -She

”What really gets me going is the talking back and forth on the Fitbit challenges with my Fitbit family. I love that they get me going no matter what!” —Jackie 5555

9. If you’ve got kids, play games!

“My toddler loves riding his bike around town. I put him on his bike and walk behind him until he’s tired, then carry him home if he won’t ride the bike the rest of the way. So far we have reached a max of 3.5 miles without interruptions or stops. I always turn on my tracker when we go so I can record where we went and how long we took.” — Samantha L.

“I have a three year old. I “race” with him to parks near our house, and I follow him around there. I also start games of tag and hide and seek with him at home all of the time.” —Kevin U.

Looking for more tips like this? Look for advice and ideas from fellow Fitbitters in our in-app community. This is where members celebrate their successes and share their challenges, inspiration, and motivation. Find out how to get started here.

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