Fitness tips: 10 minutes Yoga routine for beginners | Health

Fitness tips: 10 minutes Yoga routine for beginners |  Health

Health experts encourage practicing Yoga if you want to feel active, energetic and positive through the day as it is a worldwide phenomenon known for its innumerable health benefits and effective as a solution for holistic wellness despite being 5,000 years old. Fitness experts claim that Yoga is a traditional science which is brimming with wisdom and knowledge and can take care of your complete physical, mental and spiritual health.

Without the need for any weighty tools or equipment, all it takes to get started is your Yoga mat. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Grand Master Akshar shared, “If you practice Yoga, it will build your determination and will power. Yoga is wonderful for it builds discipline and dedication towards self-care. Yoga can be done anywhere and at any time. However, it is considered that the ideal time to practice Yoga is early in the morning.”

He added, “Mornings are a great time to start your yoga practice and get fit. When you begin your morning with Yoga, these short and effective sessions can add health, happiness and peace to your life. If you want to become more active, then Yoga consists of a full body workout. Ensure that you include a few minutes of meditation, pranayama into your routine and end the session with Savasana (Corpse Pose).”

Asserting that mornings are the best time to exercise as it causes carbs and fats to metabolize more quickly, Grand Master Akshar said, “Spend some time on your Yoga mat first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Start with some light breathing exercises before you move to asanas. There are many other benefits to practicing early morning Yoga. It boosts your metabolism, activates your digestive system and helps nutrients smoothly through the body.”

He suggested 10 minutes Yoga routine for beginners that also works as weight loss solutions:

10-Minute Sequence 1





Urvdha Mukhi Svanasana

Adomukhi Svanasana

Jump in between palms (Sanchalit Padahasthasana)


10-Minute Sequence 2




Urdhvamukhi Svanasana

Adomukhi Svanasana


Vashishtasana (Palms and Elbow variations)


Adomukhi Svanasana


Sequence 3

· Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation comprised of a total of 24 counts, done with 12 steps for each side.

· Repeat the same twelve steps to the left side to finish one complete cycle. Begin with a minimum of 4-5 cycles and gradually increase it.

Starting/Resting Poses

Sukhasana – Happy Pose

Method: Sit upright with both legs stretched out in Dandasana. Fold both legs crossing them on top of each other and straighten your back. Place your palms on the knees.

Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Method: Kneel down on mat and sit on your heels spreading your knees apart to a comfortable distance. Inhale and raise arms above head. Exhale and go forward with your upper body placing your palms on the floor. Pelvis should rest on the heels. Make sure that your back is not hunting. To be more comfortable, place a blanket under your knees or under your buttocks for support.

Grand Master Akshar suggests, “Along with these options of Yoga sequences, you can also run through the Surya Namaskar as early as possible. Perform at least 5-7 cycles to boost your health and keep you free from diseases. Yoga is the best way to make you feel recharged and prepared for the day ahead. But before you begin, ready yourself mind and body through Sukshma Vyayam or light exercises. This will protect you so you are able to enjoy a safe practice and remain free from injuries. You can also include some grounding practices like pranayama like Anulom Vilom, Kapal Bhati and Bhastrika along with Swaas Dhyan etc for meditation.”


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