Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge contestants face their first challenge of the season

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge contestants face their first challenge of the season

The Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge participants raced through a challenge at Imagination Station to kick off the season.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge contestants are off and running for their 16th season. Host Kelly Heidbreder and the Super Fitness Team lead them through a maze of calisthenics at Imagination Station Saturday.

“Imagination Station has been our first stop for our challenge for the past 14 seasons. We changed the whole route this year and they were all very tired in the end,” Heidbreder said.

The challengers started the event in the Science of Guinness Book of World Records exhibit, where they shot baskets with a basketball as quickly as they could. Next, they sprinted through the main floor around the mezzanine and lifted heavy balls of varying weights onto tabletop crates. Finally, they ran through a maze and performed step-ups.

Competitors also carried weights wile running through the Anderson’s Farming Maze before running to the finish line by the front desk.

“The running was the hardest part,” said participant Andy Tucker, who finished first in the challenge with a time of 2:25. “I haven’t run like that since I was in football.”

TJ Baker came in second place with a time of 2:31. Third place was Michelle Fielder with a time of 2:33. Fourth place was Derek Hughes with a time of 2:35. And fifth place was Matthew Tucker with a time of 2:36.

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“The timing was very close for everyone,” Heidbreder said. “I am really impressed with the group of challengers this season. We have challengers in their 20s, all the way up to their 70s. We have couples, brothers, twin sisters, mothers and fathers, mothers and daughters, and everything in between. I am so honored that they are part of this challenge. We will make sure we keep pushing them through their weight loss journey.”

The challengers will join Dave’s Turkey Chase that begins on Thanksgiving morning at WTOL 11 studio, and their December Challenge will begin with a toy drive to support WTOL 11’s Gift of Joy campaign.

“We have a few surprises for our challengers on this one,” Heidbreder said. “You will want to make sure you tune in for it.”

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