Tracksmith’s Turkey Trot Collection Is Running Gear for Your Kids

Tracksmith's Turkey Trot Collection Is Running Gear for Your Kids

Running is one of those sports that’s truly universal. No matter your athletic background, current environment or age, the sport invites you with a simplistic list of equipment requirements and a free-spirited approach that’s part performance, exploration and self-fulfillment. For running families, Thanksgiving offers up the perfect time to take part in the activity together, as the Turkey Trot has become an iconic part of the holiday across the nation.

This year, Tracksmith is giving the nation’s most popular race day a new uniform, allowing all ages to both enjoy the ride and look the part with the brand’s all-new Turkey Trot Collection. Boasting shrunken versions of the brand’s performance-laden Van Cortlandt collection, expect to see plenty of race-ready youngsters toeing the starting line with impressive garb that’s sure to fuel their running passion for miles beyond the holiday courses.

What’s Included in the Tracksmith Turkey Trot Collection?

While some brands might treat their child-driven offerings as second fiddle to the adult versions — what with the target audience’s larger surplus of income and everything — Tracksmith is doing nothing of the sort. Instead, the Boston-based brand, makers of some of our favorite running apparel, includes the same tech and features in its Turkey Trot Collection, albeit at a smaller size range (and lower price point).

The Turkey Trot Collection is a branch of the Van Cortlandt Collection, the brand’s race-ready lineup boasting technical fabrics and classics design notes, beginning with a child-sized Van Cortlandt Singlet. This makes sense as a leadoff silhouette, especially when you factor in that the adult Van Cortlandt Singlet was Tracksmith’s first product upon the brand’s launch in 2014. This classic mesh top boasts the brand’s iconic sash finish, giving your striding tyke the perfect mix of flash and function for any upcoming competition.

tracksmith kids collection


tracksmith kids collection


For pre-teen athletes wanting a little more coverage over the arms, Tracksmith is also unveiling a child-sized Van Cortlandt Tee as part of its latest stable. Featuring the same statement-making style notes and performance perks as its adult cousin, this tee can help your youngsters get the most out of each mile — even if they aren’t as well-versed in data metrics, split times and other racing statistics (yet).

According to the brand, both the Turkey Trot Collection Van Cortlandt Singlet and Tee utilize Tracksmith’s 2:09 Mesh, a high-performance material that’s lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable with the added perk of being antimicrobial to help dispel any of that post- race funk from the dinner table—or the car ride home.

And don’t think Tracksmith forgot about the parents with this holiday collection. The Turkey Trot lineup also boasts a special-edition Grayboy Long Sleeve in both Men’s and Women’s sizing. These race-inspired tops feature an odor-eliminating treatment as well as a unique screenprint perfect for those morning miles before the big feast.

Where to Buy the Tracksmith Turkey Trot Collection

Starting today, the Tracksmith Turkey Trot Collection Van Cortlandt Singlet and Tee are available online for $50 and $55, respectively. The aforementioned adult Grayboy Long Sleeves are also available for $75. If you’re looking to start your kin on their love affair with running, give their passion a kickstart with these premium offerings from one of the sport’s best brands. If anything, it’ll make picking your kids out of the pack this holiday a little easier — they’ll be the ones with the classic style and ear-to-ear grin.


Tracksmith Kids Van Cortlandt Singlet


Tracksmith Kids Van Cortlandt Tee

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