Your Personal Trainer: Take a resistance training test drive

Your Personal Trainer: Take a resistance training test drive

If you regularly, or at least occasionally, read my column, you know I reference resistance training quite a bit. Oh, I throw in running, jogging, rowing, and more often walking, but overall, it’s weightlifting.

But that’s just me. I was never a runner. I was more of a huff and puff, wheezing, holding my side and complaining “runner.” I also wasn’t much of a swimmer. I was a gasper and a grasper. Oh, I knew how to swim, I just didn’t understand how everybody else could keep swimming when I was grasping the side of the pool and gasping for air.

Turns out I have an enlarged heart muscle chamber thingy. Basically, a smaller chamber that, in turn, holds less oxygenated blood, which, in turn, falls short of providing my body with the oxygen it needs to continue exercising. As a kid gasping for air was my “time to stop exercising and go watch TV” alarm.

So, through my own physical limitations, which I didn’t discover until I was well into my 50s, I pursued resistance training.

Through lots of studying research findings, I came to (and still hold) the opinion that resistance training is the exercise of choice for muscle building, weight (fat) loss, functional fitness, and more. For those who want to lose fat weight, those in the know hit the gym; those who don’t, hit the road (or the track or the trail or the gym — but straight to the treadmill).

If you’re doubting this advice, ask Google about the benefits of resistance training (don’t ask Alexa as she’ll extoll the benefits of taking a train). Speaking of trains and traveling, I recommend you take a test drive (like that segue?).

Here’s what I mean — and recommend: I recommend resistance training for all of your ills. But, before you go and join a gym or dismiss me altogether, try a few resistance training exercises in the comfort of your own home. In fact, if you enjoy them and feel like they’re working for you, you can continue with bodyweight workouts at home for quite a while and see (and feel) positive and noticeable results!

Now, you’re not going to target every single muscle with these exercises, but, through collateral use of smaller muscles, you will get a very effective full-body workout. PLEASE feel free to Google (or Yahoo or Bing) these exercises for videos and/or illustrations demonstrating proper form. And ALWAYS check with your doctor to ensure you are able to undertake a physical exercise regime.

For your legacy:

1. Goblet Squats (you can use a half gallon water jug ​​for this one). QUADS (Thighs), GLUTES (Butts)


3. Calf Raises. CALVES

For your core:


2. Side Planks. OBLIQUE (Sides)

3. Russian Twists (these were developed and named pre-Putin). OBLIQUE

For your Upper body:

1. Push-ups (you can also try easier modified on your knees push-ups). CHEST, SHOULDERS, UPPER ARMS

2. Dips (using a chair) (two chairs as you get better). UPPER ARMS, SHOULDERS

There you go! With these basic exercises you’re working your calves, thighs, back of your thighs, butt, stomach, sides, chest, shoulders, and upper arms.

Perhaps, while watching TV (Cable?), when the commercials come on, do a set of exercises for a body part. Then, rest during the show. Repeat with another exercise.

Just think of the shows as your “time to stop exercising and watch TV” alarm.

You’re welcome.

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